Preaching to the Perverted

Preaching to the Perverted

A kink club…a BDSM dungeon full of perverts…and…degenerates is operating in the middle of London.

It is not to be stood. It is simply NOT. TO. BE. STOOD.

Henry Harding, Member of Parliament (Tom Bell) is going to be the person not standing for it, as well. His first act is to hire computer nerd Peter (Christien Anholt), who works for a company called Holy Hardware.

Peter is a devout Christian and virgin. He also desperately wants to make a good impression so when he’s asked to infiltrate the dungeon of the American dominatrix Tanya Cheex (Guinevere Turner) to collect evidence of laws being broken he agrees.

In order to win her trust he must go further than he’d bargained and in the course of things…well, you can probably guess how it goes.

Preaching to the Perverted is campy and fun–the colours are bright like a John Waters film. It’s easy to see why it’s a cult hit. The dungeon scenes have some interesting bits and there are real BDSM performers around.

There were cameos by a variety of English actors, but the one that most made my day was a bald Julie Graham, as a lesbian slave of Turner’s. As a fan of At Home with the Braithwaites and William and Mary my mind was a little blown.

Sue Johnston plays a cleaner and Roger Lloyd-Pack (the farmer from Vicar of Dibley) are in it, as well.

In 2013 it was remastered into HD through a Kickstarter campaign and screened at BAFTA.


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