Moonlight Whispers

Moonlight Whispers

Takuya (Kenji Mizuhashi) has admired Satsuki (Tsugumi) from afar for years—taking Kendo in order to be closer to her. Eventually they begin dating, much to his glee.

One day he stays home from school with a cold and she cuts class to take care of him. After sharing some of the most passionless kisses in all of filmdom (imagine smooshing two bored marshmallows together) they attempt to have sex. It becomes obvious it’s her first time, as she’s in a great deal of pain and he stops, saying he couldn’t do that to her.

Takuya isn’t interested in sex, though. He’d rather listen to her using the loo, be her dog, have her hit him on the head in Kendo, smell her socks. When she finds out she breaks it off, calling him a pervert.

Satsuki finds the hold she has over Takuya intoxicating, though. She orders him to watch her on a date with his friend and he complies. Their relationship develops more D/s elements from there and Satsuki works out what she really enjoys about having a human dog (not in a pet play sense, more of a slave sense). Shades of Wanda von Dunajew, that one. He’s happy to go along with this because he’s got a little of the Severin about him.

What I’m saying is that there’s quite a bit of the Venus in Furs element happening in their relationship, which suits them both.

Based on the manga Gekko no sasayaki by Masahiko Kikuni, Moonlight Whispers was released in 1999 and will definitely appeal to foot fetishists and men who wish to be dominated by cold women.

It could be a little slow at times, but overall was worth the watch. 4/5

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