Sub Journal Prompt 002: Motivation

002. What is your motivation in your service?

My natural inclination towards women I feel submissive to is to be useful to them—to make their lives easier. If that person was a teacher I would clean the board and erasers, mark papers, tidy the classroom. I didn’t expect anything in return—simply doing those tasks made me happy because it made her life easier. I’m not sure I thought of it in those terms at the time, though. Some people give gifts to their beloved, I run errands. When I was older and out in the world, I would happily do filing or secretarial-type work or run a letter that missed the intra-office post over to whatever office it needed to go to, thrilled to be helpful.

If I were in a 24/7 power exchange relationship that would be part of my motivation still, but I think there would also be an aspect of showing my respect and appreciation for everything my Domme gave to and did for me. It would also be a demonstration of my submission, as she’d be dictating my list of assignments each day (that’s how I picture it) and I would want to please her by completing all of my assignments. So it would also be about being obedient.

There would also be an aspect of wanting her to be proud of me—which is different from being pleased—and which I would work for by doing my assignments and chores exactly to her specifications.

There would be many layers, I suppose. Number one going into the relationship would be making sure my Dominant’s life ran smoothly and I was completing tasks the way she wanted them done.

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