Little Deaths

Little Deaths

Little Deaths is a collection of three short horror films—the first and third have BDSM as a main component and the middle one…the less said about that one the better.

House and Home
A well-to-do couple picks up homeless women and has sadistic sex with them after verbally degrading them over a nice meal. This could be fun as a roleplay for a threesome, until the horror part of the bit kicks in. Probably want to leave that part out. This one will possibly work for those interested in graphic rape and verbal humiliation scenes.

Mutant Tool
Nil BDSM. Nazi experiment gone stupid. Fails even in the horror department. Not even bad enough to be funny. Next.

This one had the most potential. I actually cared about one of the characters (something I can’t say for either of the other selections). Pete (Tom Sawyer) is in a relationship with Claire (Kate Braithwaite) where they practise pet play and pegging. When he feels he’s no longer being valued for who he is Pete decides to get his own back in a really disturbing way.

I’m a big fan of horror and on that front I’d give it about a 3 overall. Also, obviously, a fan of BDSM and on that side of things I’d give this a 2.

This is one of those ‘I watched it so you don’t have to’ sorts of films.

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