No Ordinary Love Story

No Ordinary Love Story

No Ordinary Love Story is the follow up to Morgan’s memoir The Diary of a Submissive and carries on pretty much where that one left off.

This one is an improvement (which I would still recommend in order to see her growth from brand spanking new sub—see what I did there?–to more confident sub). Morgan’s writing as a memoirist has improved—is more relatable—this time round.

The title is cringe-worthy. The book is better than what it sounds like it would be based on that alone. ‘No Ordinary Love Story’ is what every teenage girl would title her first crush. That’s probably down to the publisher, though, and can’t be put on the author.

Morgan talks about her submission and her experiences with a new—and very different to her previous—Dominant, Adam. I like Adam. He’s an inventive guy, ifyouknowwhatImean.

She catches us up on the players of the first book nicely and so all the plots were as tied up as plots from real life can be. By the end the reader feels like they’ve gained some new friends. When something bad happens it’s a genuine let down and when something good happens you’re sincerely happy for them.

If you’re looking for new ideas for some fun play—or just want to read about two people with an obvious connection having a great, kinky time—this is a good one for it. It gives an inside look at a relationship that’s heavy on the D/s, even if it’s not 24/7.


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