Perverted Podcast

Your Perverted hosts: (l-r) Kathy, Boogie, Phi, Abyss

Your Perverted hosts: (l-r) Kathy, Boogie, Phi, Abyss

After posting Phi-is-me‘s writing for a Mentor post, I came across her radio show Perverted Podcast, which she hosts along with three other people from Threshold (a dungeon in L.A.).

The show airs once a week and is five weeks/episodes old so they’re still finding their feet, but it’s hilarious. It feels like hanging out with your kinky relatives who give solid advice based on years of experience.

Boogie is that goofy uncle who makes up ridiculous (but hysterical) songs. (He also reminds me of the male version of me and says the sorts of things I would say if I had a podcast. He has a similar relationship to his family that I do. AND he’s the only person on Earth who can say the word ‘titties’ without making me want to gag and/or punch that person in the throat. Well done, Uncle Boogie.)

Abyss is the aunt who gives sane–if disturbing–advice about sex (she’s a nurse). I identify strongly with this.

Phi is your submissive aunt (who gets a little toppy during certain times of the month) who likes to tell you aaaaaaall about her complicated sex life. And ridiculously easy time orgasming. She’s the one you always want to sit with at family get-togethers. Actually, I think she’d be more of an older sister.

They there’s Aunt Kathy who’s right there with you rolling her eyes at Uncle Boogie and giving you great advice and making you laugh.

After the first five episodes I’m pretty much in love with these people and want to hang out with them. And I feel like I already have. Listening to them chat and riff and take the piss out of one another in my living room feels like they’re right there.

But enough gushing. Particulars. Why you should listen, too. Regular features include:

A piece about FetLife where they discuss a post from a group or a member that generated a lot of interest and what they thought about it. This is nearly always a piece I’ve read and it’s interesting to hear the opinions of people with more experience than I have (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much everyone–I may be a Hermione when it comes to the theoretical knowledge, but my practical experience is nil).

Health with Abyss. Abyss is a nurse. ‘A nurse who loves to hurt.’ She breaks down some very important information about sex health safety and myths and whatnot. And after the first episode I will never be able to think of the phrase ‘Changing lanes’ the same again.

Phi-on-Phi: Phi-is-me talks about her life and journey (which is very interesting and complicated). Phi is personable. I like Phi. I think we’d understand each other.

Groovy Newbies: A segment for questions from newbies either from FetLife or through their email, where they answer questions from those brand new to the lifestyle. Speaking of questions…

Perverted Email: Questions, comments, insults the show receives. (The second episode had some hate mail and Uncle Boogie responded exactly the way I would have done.) You can correspond with them in one of two ways:
Through their ‘Turd_nado’ (their word) of a website.
Or you can contact them on FetLife, where they have a group.
They also have a Twitter account: @PervertedPcast

Annoyingly Bad Rap: A listener chooses a theme and everyone has to rap about it. This isn’t weekly, for which the women hosts are probably thankful. The theme the first week was double blow jobs. These people are all white. I don’t mean all four of them are Caucasian. I mean they are white from the outer layer of skin right down to the marrow of their bones. Phi owned the first one by far, though Uncle Boogie’s Futurama rap was pretty damn good.

Advice: The gang gives sex advice and just general life advice, really. They remind listeners every episode that they’re not professionals, but their advice still comes from experience and is well-reasoned. They’re a compassionate bunch …of people who will beat you if you ask nicely. (My favourite sort of people.)

End of show song: They all sing a song that Boogie has written. Holy Hell, are these funny.

Some topics they’ve covered thus far: poly relationships, dungeon etiquette, the importance of supporting your local dungeons, pronouns for genderqueer or trans* individuals, why all women hate Phi, a finish-the-fantasy that went some place…weird, Phi learned how to top someone on the air, Phi got topped on the air, how to stop stressing and love non-orgasmic sex and much, much more.

TL;DR: Perverted Podcast is insightful, hilarious (no, really, laugh out loud funny), kinky and the hosts have a genuine rapport.

And they have jingles for everything.

My only complaint is that they’re not on iTunes and so aren’t downloadable straight to my phone. They’re on Soundcloud, but the Soundcloud app doesn’t allow downloads. (You can download it from the website and then transfer it over, but I’m lazy. That reminds me. I need to get a new bullet vibrator.)

Before writing this review I wanted to listen to the two episodes I hadn’t heard yet so asked my vanilla friend Bean and my flavourless husband Walter if they wouldn’t mind if I put it on while they were around and they found the show just as entertaining as I did. So there you go. It even works for open-minded, non-kinky people.

Listen to this show. You’ll gain some new friends.

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