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Submissive But Not Your Submissive

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This week’s Mentor post is about the submissives who encapsulate the phrase above. Phi-is-me (pronounced fee) explains a few things about those of us s-types unafraid to express our opinions.

Brat is not a bad word
I’ve had a few of these now – in the comments and in private messages. Not directed at me. Nooo…I’m pretty sure even the domliest of doms would take pause before getting into it with me at this point.
(Last night some of my friends at the munch got a live dramatic reading of one of the emails I’ve received in the past 24-hours. Can’t WAIT to record it for y’all.)
Others. Other women who tell me that they think like I do and have been accused of NOT being submissive. Or worseBRATS
First of all, people make it sound like being a brat is a bad thing. It’s not. The brats are loved. OH MY GOD they are so loved. It’s like Cheese Whiz. Everybody wants to make fun of it and pretend it’s “unwanted”, but y’all know those philly cheesesteak aficionados will tell you that without the cheese whiz, your sandwich is bullshit.
Brats – I am not one of you, but I appreciate you. Your daddies love the fuck out of you. Good for you. I don’t really think you’re cheese whiz – that’s just the best analogy I could come up with.
Now, back to the patronizing know-it-alls telling my fellow empowered submissives that they are not submissive.
What you are missing is the article.
You are speaking to a submissive.
Not your submissive.
You’d know if she was your submissive because you’d be walking a little taller. You’d be feeling a whole lot better about yourself and your place in the world. You’d understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.
Because empowered submissives and bottoms? We are really fucking good at what we do, and we don’t do it for just anybody.
The fact that we won’t kneel or “Sir” or defer to anything with a penis that comes at us is what makes you feel even more Godlike when we do it for you.
It’s about respect, people. Don’t lecture us on who or what we are. We get to decide that for ourselves.
I don’t care if I come at you bare-ass naked and on my knees: If I look you dead in the eye and tell you I’m Dominant, you will fucking respect me. If I tell you I am a slave, you will fucking respect me. If I tell you I am a brat, or a pet, or a babygirl, or a motherfuckin’ goddess, you will fucking respect me.
Because what I am is a person. An empowered one.
And you will fucking respect me.

And you should respect Phi. You should also read her blog. It’s pretty excellent.

AND she’s one of the hosts of the Perverted Podcast, which I’ll be reviewing in a couple weeks.

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