The Diary of a Submissive

The cover makes me want to die a little...

The cover makes me want to die a little…

Sophie Morgan was a journalist in a small town in England. At university she met a young American man who spanked her bottom quite hard with a hairbrush. (But she just loved it.) And a belt. (Loved that, too.)

The American had to return to the States, as will happen, but now our good Miss Morgan was in a bit of a quandary. Whosoever was going to give her a good hiding?

Luckily, eventually she made a friend. A gentle man named Thomas. Thomas introduced her to a little something called D/s or dominance and submission. Miss Morgan took to it like a… well like a submissive takes to being dominated.

And boy, did Thomas know how to dominate that booty. And brain. And everything in between.

Alas, they were only friends with kinky benefits and so it could not last.

Would she ever find the man would would push her to her subby limits?

Okay, so. Fiction about submissives always seems to be about forced submission and involves lots of humiliation and sobbing and welts. That’s not really my bag so I always thought it was just male fantasy. Or… I don’t know why Anne Rice wrote her books that way since she is patently not a dude.

So I picked up a memoir thinking that finally I’d see what an actual submissive leading an actual submissive life was like. (Writings on FetLife only give glimpses of people’s lives–I was looking for a bigger picture.)

What I got was lots of humiliation, sobbing and welts. Okay then. People are into that. Like… really into it. YKINMK.

I understand it a bit better now–the need to persevere or to please the Dominant or a combination of the two. And then feeling like you’ve really accomplished something when you do come through it. You may not be able to sit down for a week, but you’ve accomplished something.

It was interesting to read about a person whose submission expresses itself in such different ways to my own. And to see what other people find a step too far, just too degrading. She’d happily do things I’d safeword on but other things I wouldn’t think twice about she found the utter end of humiliation street. That sort of thing is fascinating to me.

Morgan is very headstrong and has some brattish qualities. Then again, she will choose some cocky bastards to spend time with. Such a masochist, this one. Naturally submissive she is not, blanching at bog standard Dom requests. But that just goes back to everyone’s submission being a bit different.

She’s a journalist and it shows in her writing–there’s a certain coolness, a reporting of the facts, rather than the warm, chatting-to-a-friend tone typical of memoirs.

Also, I found it interesting that she didn’t seem to do any research about the lifestyle (she hates that word, but sorry, that’s what it’s called) since she has a background in journalism and has been a submissive for some time. For example, Morgan describes subspace and the moment pain becomes pleasure, but doesn’t know the term for the first one and thinks the second one may only happen to her. (It happens after endorphins are released during the beginning of a beating and is the body’s way of handling pain.)

Those are non-quibbles, though. The Diary of a Submissive gives some insight into what some types of submissives want/get from D/s relationships and what sort of pleasure they derive from heavy impact play and degradation.

Morgan has a second memoir, which I’ll be reading next, entitled No Ordinary Love Story. Title aside, I’m looking forward to it.

I’d give this one 4/5.

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