Submissive Journal Prompts 001

The last Sunday of each month I will post a submissive journal prompt and my response to it. This month the prompt comes from this page. Other prompts will come from this page, which has hundreds to choose from.

001. Are you a natural submissive or a learned submissive or both?

I’m naturally very submissive to a very specific sort of woman—teacher types (older, intelligent, sophisticated, in charge, etc)–and wish to please them and gain their approval.

Exempli gratia, the Ultimate Domme.

Exempli gratia, the Ultimate Domme.

I’m generally passive in daily life and want to be told what to do and to know what is expected of me. I am happy to defer to my superiors in most situations, though if something isn’t going the way I like or if I’m surrounded by other passive people I will quickly take charge. I also cannot abide being dominated by people—male or female, no matter the age—whom I do not respect or feel do not respect me.

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