Some Puppy Girl: On the Appeal of Pet Play

On a WordPress dashboard a blog admin can see the search terms used to find their site.

One day last week I signed in to see this:

Some puppy girl

It’s interesting when people search using entire sentences.

I don’t know what they wound up reading on my site, as I didn’t have any essays on pet play (until now!)

Why a Person Would Love to Become Some Puppy Girl in BDSM

Why does anyone do anything? Because they like it. Because it speaks to them. As long as they’re not hurting anyone else what difference does it make?

All right, you want to know what about pet play speaks to a person who is into it. You’d have to ask the actual person. It’s different things to different people. For many people it’s completely nonsexual, goofy fun. Have you ever watched puppies play? They’re having a whale of a time! Who wouldn’t want to get a bunch of toys and roll around on the floor with your friends like that? Growling and yipping and poinking on one another.

Once you’re over a certain age you’re no longer allowed to be carefree and let someone else do the worrying about all the things that require having thumbs. (And all the most boring things require having thumbs.) I understand pet play is popular amongst teens and it’s probably for this reason. You can regress to being pre-verbal (let’s face it–toddlers and puppies are basically the same thing, but puppies also get cool ears and a tail) and don’t have to deal with all the semi-adult nonsense that has suddenly fallen into your life. You can be affectionate with people without having sex with them or it being taken as an overture.

For other people it is sexual. Those relationships are obviously going to be more complex than the straightforward ‘Let’s romp like puppies!’ version.

But all pet play experiences are equally valid. People like what they like and as long as no one is being hurt it’s immoral to make them feel badly about being true to themselves. People being true to themselves are bringing more joy into the world and the world certainly needs more of that. Kumbaya, go sing it on the mountaintops.

But I digress. Back to information.

Pet play can be practiced in many different ways. From the BDSM wiki:

The interactions within pet play can be either sexual or non-sexual. There are several dynamics that can be present, but there is no necessity for pet play participants to have an intimate relationship dynamic with one another. A human animal can be Dominant, submissive, switch or even neutral in play. Some pets may form packs, litters, herds, or similar groups based on their species, while others may be members of groups with their owners, such as show groups.

Pet play may exist in brief passing moments, or it can exist as a 24/7 lifestyle.

For some, pet play is an escape. For others, it is degradation and humiliation. How it fits a person depends on they want and need from the experience. Its flexibility is a major part of its appeal.

Pet Play may involve:

  • Movement restriction and bondage implements (mitts to reduce articulation, collar and leash, harnesses, etc.)
  • verbal communication restriction, perhaps to safewords and animal sounds such as “woof!” or “mew!”.
  • Training exercises such as tricks such as fetch for puppies, walking on leads and leashes , or for ponies even pulling a cart/plow.
  • Eating and drinking out of bowls placed on the floor without the use of hands and/or silverware.
  • Learning to use a litter box instead of a toilet, or even relieving outside.
  • Playing with toys, such as batting toys for kitties or tug-of-war toys for puppies.
  • Begging in the manner of the manner animal identified with, such as a puppy whining.
  • Not being allowed on furniture without permission.
  • Caging.
  • Stroking similar to that which may be appropriate to the pet type in question.

I’m not into pet play myself, but fully support those who are.

I hope whomever inspired the ‘some puppy girl’ search is having a great time being her best puppy self.

[Update 14.10.15: This week on the Erotic Awakening Podcast Dan and dawn interviewed Sir Justin on puppy play and I learned a great deal. Anyone interested in learning more should check it out.]

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