Kink for Kindle

Art by Gerda Wegener

Art by Gerda Wegener

At the end of last Tuesday’s review I said you should know your erotica classics.

This week I’d like to facilitate your naughty education by introducing you to Kink for Kindle, a site with a number of free kinky ebooks from history.

Centuries before Mr Grey (Christian or E. Edward) the Marquis de Sade was doing things that, well. I don’t think I made it eighty pages into 120 Days of Sodom, but if you can finish it, more power to you. It’s available on the site.

They have works from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, as well as some things from the Victorians including Venus in Furs and eighteen volumes of The Pearl, which is one of my favourites. They even have some audio books, though I haven’t listened to any so I can’t attest to their quality.

The selection isn’t enormous, granted, but it’s a start, and the books are free. Each book is offered in MOBI, LIT and Epub versions (though with Calibre, you can convert those to anything else you’d like)

And no one can tell what you’re reading when it’s on an ereader.

[Edit 25.01.17: The site no longer exists in its original form. Now it’s… I don’t know what. I’ve removed the links in this post, since the now redirects to a site that is not at all what is described or reviewed in this page. Alas. You will be missed. The artwork here is nice, though.]

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