The Pervocracy and Fifty Shades of Grey

I feel you, man.

I feel you, man.

So after watching that film about the psychopath abuser who uses BDSM as an excuse to beat women (and hearing someone who’d read the book that the source character was even worse) I wanted to read the books.

But I didn’t want to actually ‘read’ the book.

Luckily, Cliff Pervocracy took on the job of summing up the book chapter-by-chapter.

Cliff writes about his experiences in the BDSM community. He also lived in Seattle, so he’s able to note every mistake in every way about everything in this book. [Though even I know Vancouver is north of Portland and the farthest west I’ve been in the U.S. is Texas.]

Each chapter has trigger warnings and quotes for some of the most egregious errors whether they be of the geographical, grammatical or BDSM variety.

Unfortunately, the last update was Chapter 25 (the first book has 26 chapters) and was posted in December 2014. I was really hoping to be able to read all three books this way. So I hope Cliff is all right and he gets back to reading and commenting soon.

One of the best parts (and every summation made me laugh out loud) was that Cliff used the manly name generator rather than ever call the character Christian Grey. So there were lots of Dick IronPec and Slab CrumpleCrunch and Buck LargeBoom.

The index for what’s available is here. The last couple of chapters aren’t linked there, but you can find them on the home page.

If you know of another site that has useful summaries of each chapter of the books with notes about incorrect BDSM and just generally taking the piss please leave a comment.

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