Finding the Lesbians on

On Friday I posted a review of a documentary about

When you visit the site for the first time, this pops up:

:knock knock: Are the lesbians home?

:knock knock: Are the lesbians home?

The documentary shows that there is definitely lesbian content on the site, though that probably falls under ‘straight’? Because straight people watch it?

Yeah, you can search for ‘lesbian’ in the search bar, but once you tick the box for the other four groups the front page of the site automatically populates with your interest when you visit. And the gay ladies seem on par with what’s currently on offer. I mean, ‘L’ is the first letter of LGBT and they’ve got two of the other four letters right there on the front page.

The other possibility is that there isn’t an audience for it–that there are so few kinky lesbos out there it’s not worth the time and effort.


Yeah, so I’m out of ideas.

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