Kink is the world’s most well-known producer of BDSM pornography. It was founded in 1997 by Peter Acworth and is currently run out of the San Francisco Armory in California.

In 2013 James Franco produced a documentary about the company. (Franco had to coax director Christina Voros into making the film, apparently.)

After watching this I wanted to work for the company. Between the scene where one person asks into a walkie-talkie if someone has a straight-jacket and are informed the other person has a black or a white one to choose from and the scene where someone requests assistance and the requestee says something like: ‘I’ll be right there, just setting up a glory hole.’ I mean, who doesn’t want to say these sorts of things on a daily basis?

Then, early on one of the producers explains a plot point and adds, ‘Does it make any sense? No. But can we do it, yes. Because we’re pornographers.’ There were several laugh-out-loud moments.

There were interviews with both long-time performers (tops and bottoms) and new-comers, as well as people behind the camera.

Conversations were about both BDSM specifically (‘Why do people do things like this? Why do people fuck? Because it feels good.’) and pornography in general (‘I most worry about what I’m going to tell my kids when they ask what I do.’)

Some people got philosophical–one woman seemed to be trying to be a Martyr to Porn–and others took a more light-hearted approached. The people involved with the site seemed very down-to-earth and self-aware and enjoyed their jobs. Several talked about how they got into BDSM to begin with, which are always interesting stories.

Having seen documentaries about vanilla, heterosexual porn, the people involved with were much more concerned with the well-being (both mentally and physically) of everyone involved. The practitioners knew what they were doing and wanted to be sure everyone was having a safe, fun time. The bottoms were regularly reminded they could safeword and the tops were watched to made sure they were topping correctly and safely. Realism is not incorporated into vanilla porn that way.

Before doing scenes with new bottoms, they discuss limits and experiences with previous scenes and reasons why they wanted to try BDSM. If things aren’t going well, alterations are made–no one is forced to do anything they don’t want to. And the film-makers don’t want anyone faking anything. (Though how someone could fake a reaction to a flogging or a Sybian is beyond me.)

One of the film-makers compared themselves to the goths at school. He said in the world of pornography Vivid would be the jocks. And the BDSM people would be at the goth table.

The kinky folks being the goths would explain the leather and all the black.

The Kink documentary is highly entertaining and informative. I definitely recommend this one. 5/5.

Here’s the trailer if you’re interested. NSFW. Wear headphones. Turn your screen away from the normals.


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