The New Topping Book

New Topping Book

The original version (The Topping Book) was published in 1994. The edition I read(The New Topping Book) was published ten years later. Amazon lists another edition that was published in 2011, which may be more current in terms of terminology regarding the internet (or the ‘Net as they say in the second edition).

I’m a sub, obviously, but I’m also new to the BDSM scene and want to learn as much as I can. This is my first non-fiction reading in book form (I’ve read a good amount on FetLife and other BDSM blogs and websites) and it covered a wide range of basic information but also had much that was geared toward advanced players.

As the title would suggest, the content is geared mostly towards Tops or Dominants, it’s a useful read for bottoms/subs, as well.

Easton and Hardy are open-minded switches and have decades of experience to share.

Well-written, amusing and with anecdotes from their lives, as well as their friends, I’d recommend this one for newcomers to the scene. It’s laid out with the most basic information first, with more sophisticated and controversial play later in the book, so more experienced players may learn a few things, too.

This should go in a list of must-read books for those interested in BDSM. 5/5 stars

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